Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving pics

Suzann took these pics of the nieces and nephews while the kids played at the park on Thanksgiving Day. Isn't she amazingly talented?!

Our nephew, Andrew

Our niece Hollyann and nephew Ian

Niece and nephew, Moira and Ian
And here are the ones of Hope that Suzann took. I'm sorry there are so many, I couldn't pick just one!

Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas

Ugh. Sorry I haven't posted in like a month. This time of year always lends itself to lots and lots of business, which as you all know, is not very conducive to blog-posting.

We have been well around here. Just busy. Our church Christmas musical was tonight, so everything we've been doing lately has been kind of leading up to this. It went well. We did "Cardboard Testimonials" as part of the musical. Have any of y'all seen this on YouTube? I will try to post the video of ours. It will make you bawl your eyes out. It was so awesome to see how God has worked so powerfully in the lives of the people in our church and so amazing to be a part of something so powerful. There was not a dry eye in the house.

For Thanksgiving we went to Collin and Janelle's (Stephen's bro and sis-in-law). We got to see Stephen's parents, his brothers, and their wives and kids. It was so great to be together. We had lots of good food and fellowship. Hope LOVED being with her family. She is sooooo social. When we got home and it was just us again, she kind of wandered around the house like, "What do I do now?" We were able to do Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas with everyone since we won't be seeing any of Stephen's family for Christmas. We had lots of fun and Hope was so good the whole trip! Thanks again for hosting us Collin and Janelle!

We went to see Santa the other night. Hope SCREAMED her head off. She was so scared! I wish I could post the pic, but our scanner is broken and we don't have a CD of it. It was so funny, but so sad at the same time! Maybe next year will be better!

I finished up my classes for the semester and am enjoying the short time off before I start again in January. I got A's in both my classes, praise the Lord! I am really enjoying the material, so the studying is fun.

Now all the big stuff is over and we can just relax. My mom is coming for Christmas Eve. I love this time of year, when everything is done. Shopping is done, presents are wrapped, musical is over. Now we can just sit back. I am looking forward to going to the Christmas Eve service and just hanging out around the house with my husband, mom and baby. Christmas morning we will drive to SA and have Christmas with my dad and celebrate Stephen's dad's b-day and then we will be back up here for New Year's.

We are so blessed to have such great friends, family and church. Thank you Lord! I will post pics in the next blog!