Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jesus is risen!

We had a great Easter and hope all our loved ones did as well! Stephen's parents came in to visit and we had lots of fun just getting to spend some time with family. Hope is cutting her first tooth (FINALLY!) so she has been a bit more cranky than usual, but nothing we can't handle. ;) Nothing new other than that. Here are our pics from this past weekend.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hope's first snow!

Well, it started thunderstorming on Sunday night; we got thunderstorms throughout the night and then when we woke up on Monday morning it was COLD!! It started raining again late afternoon and then about 6:30 turned over to snow! I was actually getting kind of disappointed b/c usually by this time in the season it has snowed at least once here, but we hadn't seen any. So, needless to say on Monday when it started we bundled Hope up and went out in it. She was none too impressed, but at least we got some good pictures! When we woke up Tuesday it looked like a winter wonderland! They are predicting more snow for Thursday...woohoo!

And she's off!

Forgive the longness of this video...she gets a bit distracted sometimes... She's of course gotten much better at crawling since we took this video, but this is the only time so far we have been able to catch it on camera. We are having to keep a better eye on her now. Today she crawled into a stack of binders at church and cut her eyelid open. And, yes, it bled and is all swollen now. Ugh. Where did my little baby go??!!!