Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post much???

Okay, I know it's been like a month since I posted anything, but in my defense, we've been SOOO busy. Stephen and I have Christmas programs coming out our rears, so we haven't been home much. Add to that a little trip to San Antonio and you don't find much internet time in there. Anyway, we have gotten about half of our Christmas stuff at the church done. We still have a concert at the nursing home, caroling, a concert at Howe Memorial Park, a concert at the church, and a Christmas Eve service-not to mention just regular Sundays and Wednesdays. Keep us in your prayers. We love this time of year, but things can get so hectic and you end up taking your focus on the real Reason for all of this.

Anyway, other than all of the Christmas craziness (which I am sure that all of you are experiencing as well), we are doing pretty well. Hope is still growing like a weed. She's still just on the verge of sitting up, not quite there yet-maybe by Christmas. She is taking cereal twice a day now, and we are about to start veggies. It took her awhile to get the hang of it, but she is now LOVING it. She is SO big, not even 6 months yet, and already in 6-9 month stuff. I just can't believe it. We went down to San Antonio a couple of days last week with our Senior Adult group at church. It was really fun touring downtown San Antonio-we haven't done it in so long. Stephen and I enjoyed catching up on San Antonio's rich history. It's amazing how much you forget. Hope did really well. I've included a couple pics from our last couple of weeks. I WILL post more later, I promise. For now, enjoy the pics.

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